Terms of Service for Adult Work


I love drawing porn! I’m willing and enthusiastic to draw a wide variety of things, though there are some things I am not going to be good at because I don’t personally see the appeal.

If you’re not sure whether I’ll draw your particular kink, you can always ask! Even if I say no, it won’t be out of judgment but out of lack of confidence in my ability to make it good.


  • Any sexual position any combination of IRL people could do (i.e., vanilla porn)
  • Hyper
  • Transformation
  • Merging
  • Psychedelic and/or weed-themed porn

I’m pretty generally into surreal / transformation-related stuff, which can be hard to list out specifically. But if it’s surreal, please do inquire! I like to collaborate with my husband on weirder stuff and we come up with some cool things, I think.


  • Vore (I don’t hate it, I’m just not into it and not good at it; and plenty of other folks draw it well!)
  • Scat
  • Cub/underage/diapers in any sexual/fetish context
  • Gore
  • Snuff
  • Racist caricature
  • Copyrighted characters/r34*
  • Outright bestiality**

*I am okay drawing original fan characters, but I will not emulate the style of the property they came from. I will draw them in my own style with my own sense of anatomy and proportion.

** Ferals are fine, even with non-feral characters. But they will be presented as sentient/self-aware and expressive, and will deliberately not be drawn to be dumb-faced normal animals.

Context is also important to me; I can guarantee I will not like a commission idea if it involves a character getting off to another’s fear/degradation/demise/disposability. I’m not opposed to non-con in an RP sense where both people actually do consent (even behind the face of a character that doesn’t) but again, some contexts won’t work for me so do feel free to ask.