Commissions are open! I am working through a queue I accrued when recovering from hip surgery, but I’ll get that gone soon. 😉

Commission Request FormPrice List

Terms of Service

All prices are a baseline guide, and may increase with complexity. Not all commissions submitted may be accepted, depending on my comfort or confidence with the subject matter.

To talk to me about a commission, you can use my contact form or you can email me directly at to discuss what you’d like!


You must be 18 years of age (or older) to commission me. By agreeing to commission me, you confirm that you are of legal age to enter into a contract.

If you are under 18 years of age and wish to commission me, I will only agree to do so while working directly with your parent or legal guardian as the legal point of contact. Anything I produce in such a situation will be age-appropriate.

By agreeing to commission me, you also agree to the terms presented in this TOS.

Not all commissions submitted will be accepted; I will not take work I do not feel comfortable or confident in completing.


Payment accepted through Paypal.

Payment will only be accepted after I confirm your commission; I will invoice you through Paypal, to your email. Payment sent without positive confirmation on my part will be considered a gift.

Paypal link, for redundancy:

REFUND POLICY. Refunds are available at any time, and will be the full price minus the hourly cost of any work done at a rate of $10/hr. A full refund will be issued if for any reason I am unable to complete your commission, regardless of work done. A 30% refund will be the maximum received if coloring has begun.

No refunds will be given after the client has approved the finished piece; any issues or mistakes must be addressed in the correspondence immediately after completion.

Anyone who charge-backs without talking to me about it first will be blacklisted and I will not work for you again.

ARTISTIC FREEDOM OPTION / DISCOUNT. If you trust me to take your piece from concept to completion without taking the time out to approve WIPs, opting for this will net you a 10% discount on the cost of your commission.

No edits will be available on artistic freedom commissions short of minor color corrections or mistakes I have made that were clearly indicated in your reference material.


EDIT POLICY. Prior to client approval of the refined sketch, one round of edits* is included with the cost of the commission. Any edits after this point may be subject to a $10/hr additional rate at the artist’s discretion. (Small things, e.g. minor color corrections, won’t generally fall under this.)

*If the cost of the commissioned piece is $100 or more, more rounds of edits are included.

Any major edits made to a piece after approval that are not due to mistakes on the artist’s part (i.e. missing a marking clearly indicated on the reference) are subject to a $15/hr rate. This is because inking and coloring happens relatively quickly after approval, and edits after that point are considerably more effort than during sketch phases.

APPROVAL POLICY. For simpler/cheaper pieces, I will send you a preliminary sketch for approval and ask for any positioning edits at that time. I may also send you a WIP with flat colors, to approve accuracy / markings, if your piece has color. (Color corrections at the flats stage do not incur any edit costs, as they are not labor intensive.)

For full illustrations, I will send you a few (2-3) thumbnails based on our discussion to pick which layout you like best. Depending on the complexity of the piece, I will likely send more WIPs for approval.


I love drawing all kinds of work, whether safe for all ages, or strictly for adults. Check here for my adult artwork content policy.

I am okay drawing original fan characters, but I will not emulate the style of the property they came from. I will draw them in my own style with my own sense of anatomy and proportion.

REPOSTING POLICY. I reserve the right to post or not post any commission I complete. Fully private commissions (I don’t post it anywhere or stream it) may incur an additional fee of up to 15%.

You are welcome to use your commission in any that suits you, short of selling it. If you edit it, don’t sell the edited image. Please mention what parts you edited in the credits and who did the original work.

Above all, my goal is to do the best artwork for you that I can within the limits of my own abilities. I want you to be happy with what you paid for!

If you have any grievances or concerns, email me and I’ll talk it out with you.